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15 Years

About us

In its business activities TRIDAS aims at permanent improvement of its processes, which the corporate management considers crucial for keeping of the market share. Also still more effort is focused on the highest possible rate of elimination of threats to environment and of safety risks related to the company's products and services. For this reason TRIDAS has implemented a certified, integrated management system in compliance with the following standards:


ČSN EN ISO 9 001:2015


We are aware of the fact that for keeping and growth of the market share vital is maintaining of implemented production and quality control processes. Therefore in TRIDAS introduced and certified has been the quality management system in compliance with this standard.

ČSN EN ISO 14001:2015


We take into consideration that world natural resources are limited and fragile. Therefore TRIDAS takes the protection of environment for a general principle, which complies with corporate objectives. On production of our products we try to minimize negative impacts on environment and we have introduced and certified the environment quality management system in compliance with the standard.

ČSN ISO 45001:2018


The management of TRIDAS understands the importance of health protection of its employees and the importance of adherence to the principles and requirements of FP. Therefore introduced and certified has been the occupational health and safety management system in compliance with the standard.

For TRIDAS the issue of environment is absolutely crucial. A proof may be our involvement in the global FSC® system. Since 2015 TRIDAS has been the holder of the FSC certificate, which has authorized the company to the manufacture of products complying with the FCS standards. For our customers these standards guarantee the origin and legal nature of used raw materials, however, at the same time, they represent and underline responsible attitude to renewable resources. Thus, TRIDAS certified products are allowed to bear the FSC mark.

Company Policy

  • The organization's policy fully matches the organization's context and strategy.
  • We aspire to maintain the gained market positions and further to enlarge the number of stable customers and the volume of market segments.
  • We aspire to gain prospective long-term production programmes.
  • We strive for annual growth of production capacity utilization.
  • We shall aim our activities at expansion of activities in provision of complete services, including the product design itself, and its production mould design and manufacture.
  • We endeavour to reach high productivity, as well as to remove all forms of wasting. We lay stress on the satisfaction of customers' needs, on adherence to all legal requirements, on the occupational health and safety protection, and on the protection of environment.
  • We shall continue in our endeavour to thoroughly understand needs of our customers by due processing of their requirements and high level of communication.
  • The management staff will continue in forming corporate culture in order the employees would fully understand that focus on clients' needs determines our success.
  • We shall fully apply process approach on the order implementation control and we are fully aware that the control of processes without their cohesion and mutual effect is impossible.
  • We are fully aware that continuous improvement is an integral part of our success.
  • Only decisions based on correct evaluation of information obtained from the implementation process, internal audits, and from customer satisfaction verification is the presumption of a correct corporate course.
  • We shall further deepen our good relations with our suppliers in order to maintain mutually advantageous relations.
  • We shall adhere to and fulfil requirements of applicable laws and of other requirements regarding the protection of environment, as well as to adopt measures to reduce quantity of waste and energy demand of processes and, at the same time, we shall try to minimize impacts of our activities on surrounding environment and health of employees and inhabitants in the production areas.


4/2023 Press release BioTHOP LIFE project - Layman's report

The Czech version of the document can be found here, the document is also available in other language versions on the BioTHOP website.